How to Make Baby Garlands

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For a mother with all the essentials, hang baby toys from the garland.

For a mother with all the essentials, hang baby toys from the garland.

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Baby garlands are generally made from paper cutouts of babies or baby items and strung together like a strand of gingerbread men. Create a unique baby-themed garland for a baby shower, filled with a variety of different baby gifts that the mother can take home after the special event. Attach just a few items to the garland and fill the rest with paper cutouts, or pool your funds together with some other party guests and fill the garland with pacifiers, teething rings, bottles and even clothing.

Items you will need

  • String or 1/4-inch-wide ribbon
  • Hammer and nails or ceiling hooks
  • Baby items (bottles, baby booties, pacifiers, bottles, feeding sets)
Step 1

Measure the distance across one wall of the room or party tent. Cut a piece of ribbon or string to this length plus an additional 30 percent.

Step 2

Hammer a nail into the ceiling corner or attach a hook to the tent ceiling and knot one end of the string or ribbon onto the nail or hook

Step 3

Cut small pieces of string or ribbon, each about 12 inches long. Cut one piece for each gift.

Step 4

Wrap one piece of ribbon around each baby gift. Knot the ribbon ends to the ribbon garland, beginning at the end hooked to the wall.

Step 5

Tie the ribbon ends on the gift in a bow for a decorative top.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can remove each baby item from its package and attach the ribbon to the gift, or leave the items in their boxes and cut longer pieces of ribbon to wrap around the items.
  • If the items are too expensive to fill the entire garland, cut out a variety of baby-themed shapes from poster board, punch holes at either end of the cutout and string the cutouts across the garland, interspersed with some small baby items.


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