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    How to Do a Comedy Magic Show

    Building a successful comedy and magic show takes work. The combination of these two elements -- comedy and magic -- requires proper structure and organization to make the performance sing. Get creative in your planning, and practice your act regularly so that you have plenty of material from which to choose. Work for a fast-paced show that will never bore your audience or lull in its rhythm. Showcase your show to family and friends once your act is complete.

    Cowboy Magic Show for Kids

    Cowboy Magic Shows combine two of children's favorite interests: cowboys and magic tricks. Many entertainers throughout the country identify themselves as "cowboy magicians" and are available to hire for birthday parties and other events. Party and entertainment companies also advertise that they can provide any type of entertainer, including cowboys who can perform a variety of entertainment acts such as magic. So if your area doesn't have a specific "cowboy magician," ask local companies if they have a magician who will don a cowboy hat and spurs and rustle up tricks with a western theme.