A Mad Tea Party Wedding Theme

by Randi Bergsma
A mad tea themed wedding should be fun and casual.

A mad tea themed wedding should be fun and casual.

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A Mad Hatter tea party theme is for couples looking for a fun wedding. A tea party-inspired wedding works best with a small number of people, preferably less than 100. This type of reception usually takes place in the morning or early afternoon and has a cheerful, semi-formal atmosphere. Send out invitations featuring quotes from "Alice in Wonderland" or classic images like the Cheshire cat, teacups or playing cards three months in advance. Include a fancy teabag with each invitation.


Outdoor locations work best for a Mad Hatter tea party. Scout botanical gardens, parks and nature preserves to find a location with lush botanicals and flowers. If there is a historical mansion or home nearby, it might be available for events. Use the ornate dining room of a historical home or set up on the manicured lawns of the estate. If the venue has a conservatory or green house, bring the outside indoors and remain dry if it rain on the wedding day.


Bright colors and patterns are essential for a Mad Hatter wedding. Instead of having one pattern for dinnerware, buy several patterns of different colors and sizes and mix them up. Instead of traditional bouquets, put together bunches of different flowers. Daisies and lilies come in a variety of shapes and colors. Roses come in a wide range of colors as well. Teacups are not just for tea; use them as candle holders and mini vases or stack them to create centerpieces. Purchase vintage teacups at antique stores and garage sales. Make the overall look chaotic and colorful. Use bright shades of turquoise, pink and orange and avoid primary colors. Mix in white or black to ground the color scheme.


Your menu for a tea party wedding is not a typical dinner menu. Avoid dinner altogether and create a tea service or brunch menu instead. Serve finger foods like mini sandwiches, quiche and other appetizers. Instead of having servers bring out food, set each table with vintage dessert trays. Flat and tiered trays create visual interest on tables instead of formal centerpieces. Have savory and dessert items out all at once. Trays of French macaroons and cupcakes will add color to the table and are individually sized. Serve brunch drinks like mimosas or Bellinis and have a variety of tea and coffee available. Set each table with a full tea service and have a variety of teabags on each table to allow guests to choose a flavor and add hot water.


Avoid formal clothing at a Mad Hatter wedding. Female guests wear sundresses in pastel colors and men wear dress pants and button down shirts with colorful ties. Everyone is encouraged to wear hats and gloves with guests also wearing flower corsages and boutonnieres. A bridal gown is not necessary for a tea party reception. A white sundress or cocktail dress is appropriate for the bride, but a brightly colored dress works better with the theme. The bride's accessories include a tiara and long, white gloves. The groom wears a top hat or a coat with tales and a tie that compliments the color of the bride's outfit.

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