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California borders Mexico and shares many traditions

California borders Mexico and shares many traditions

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Featuring colorful masks and high-flying acrobatics, Lucha Libre is tag team style of wrestling that was born in Mexico, where it is highly attended and televised. When fighters lose a match they often have to remove their mask, exposing their true identity and causing shame upon themselves. Because of California's high Mexican population, Lucha Libre is found in most major Metropolitan areas.

Los Angeles

California's largest city is also home to a huge Mexican population. In fact, it is the largest outside of Mexico City itself. The Anahiem Indoor Marketplace ( is the LA metro area's top venue and features matches every weekend between local luchadores who vie for position and prizes. The burlesque-style lucha libre company, Lucha Vavoom (, hosts nighttime events that combine wresting with dancing girls and other carnival like performances. They frequently rent out some of the city's top venues, including the Mayan Club (, a theater decked out like a Mayan temple.

San Francisco

Although further away from the Mexican border and more politically correct than its southern neighbors, San Francisco hosts its own intimate lucha libre scene. The Mission district, San Francisco's own Latin quarter, hosts a variety of lucha libre events including kids matches at John O'Connell High School. The organization Pro Wrestling Revolution ( frequently brings real lucha libre fighters from Mexico to the city and has built up a local following of the sport.

San Diego

The closest of all major California cities to the Mexican border, San Diego, has a sizable Mexican community and its own lucha libre scene. Matches usually feature fighters from Mexico, although, matches between Southern California contenders, many of which are from LA, are common, as well. Events take place at a variety of venues, including the Clairmont Mesa Boys and Girls Club (4635 Clairmont Mesa Blvd.), and are sponsored by local businesses. Check with the Mexican organization Super Luchas ( for details about upcoming events in San Diego


As the capitol of California and the largest inland city, Sacramento also has a large Mexican community which supports popular sports, such as lucha libre. Mexican fighters on tour stop in the city several times a year to hold matches, which are usually highly advertised in local Spanish language newspapers and television stations. The local organization Supreme Pro Wrestling ( also hosts a variety of local wrestling events, including Lucha Libre, at theri own space, the SPW Arena (6200 McMahon Drive).

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