Lubbock, TX Attractions

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Visitors to Lubbock can learn about wind power.

Visitors to Lubbock can learn about wind power.

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A combination of Old West charm and rock 'n' roll history draw visitors to Lubbock, Texas each year. The town contained only a small post office in the late 1800s. In 1909, the town of Lubbock emerged and was officially recognized. By 1926, the Texas Technological College took up residence, and the city grew. Since its founding, Lubbock has also gained notoriety for UFO sightings and as the birthplace of numerous country music performers.

Lubbock Lights

In 1951, during nighttime hours in August and September, residents of Lubbock claimed to see strange lights in the sky. The sightings were captured on film by amateur photographer Carl Hart Jr. The notoriety from the infamous sightings still draws tourists and hopefuls to Lubbock. While in town, those interested in science and space may wish to see the Science Spectrum and Omni Theater ( The museum features hands-on science exhibits such as interactive flight towers, NASA space suits and aircraft models. The facility also has an aquarium for visitors to view. The Omni Theater provides the opportunity view films of animals and sea life close-up.

Buddy Holly Center

The Buddy Holly Center ( in Lubbock provides visitors with the chance to peruse relics and artifacts that pertain to the rock musician Buddy Holly. Housed within the town's historic old train depot, the center's inside structure forms the distinctive shape of a guitar. Tourists and fans of the late Buddy Holly will enjoy getting a close look at his Fender Stratocaster, clothing, photographs, glasses, homework, report cards, photographs and songbooks.The center also features the work of local artists.

Lubbock Windmill Museum

The American Windpower Center ( houses a wide array of windmills. Visitors can tour the facility's buildings or see windmills functioning outdoors on the grounds. One building houses 90 rare antique windmills. Visitors can stroll throughout the museum and grounds alone or take a guided tour. Group tours require reservations and must consist of six or more people. The museum helps individuals gain a better understanding of wind energy.

Wild West

Adult country music fans will enjoy the Wild West club and dance facility. ( The club spans over 15,000 square feet. Wild West offers live country music six days a week. Visitors can enjoy kicking up their heels on the solid oak dance floor. The second story of the facility offers a multitude of pool tables. While shooting a game, visitors can look down onto the first floor through a series of glass windows.

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