How to Loosen Your Vocal Chords

by Wesley DeBoy
Warm up your vocal chords before singing.

Warm up your vocal chords before singing.

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Warming up your voice and loosening your vocal chords is essential to delivering a good vocal performance. Just as an athlete warms up and stretches his muscles, a singer benefits from warming up and stretching their vocal chords. There are a wide variety of vocal warm up exercises available to loosen your vocal chords. Experiment with the different techniques available to find what works best for your voice.

Step 1

Take a breath and exhale creating a "hmm" sound at a pitch in your lower vocal range. As you exhale, switch from the "hmm" sound to an "ahh" sound halfway through the breath. Repeat this process in different pitches and even try raising and lowering the pitch as you exhale.

Step 2

Inhale deeply while yawning and audibly exhale while slowly counting from one to five. Change the pitch while counting.

Step 3

Inhale taking a deep breath as you yawn. Exhale and vibrate your lips loosely together. Doing so correctly should tickle your nose and lips. This is called a lip trill. Repeat this process while making a pitch that goes up and down while exhaling.

Step 4

Inhale taking a deep breath as you yawn and then exhale vibrating the tip of your tongue. Create a pitch and vary it while exhaling. This is called a tongue trill.

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