What to Look for in a Magician Party Show for Kids

by Floyd Drake III
Like the rabbit and the hat, kids and magic go together.

Like the rabbit and the hat, kids and magic go together.

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Magic shows are a hit at kid's parties, especially when they are allowed to participate. Magic appeals to a child's sense of wonder. Most kid's magic performances follow a routine, and the approach depends on the magician, but the basic formulas are tried and true. When deciding on a magic show for your next kid's party, look for a magician who will accommodate your specific party needs.

Finding a Magician

Many magicians are found online, especially those who specialize in magic shows for children. Visit various magician's websites and look for items of interest such as the magician's performance style, areas of magical expertise and his experience. Some magician websites include a video sample of a performance, providing an opportunity to preview the magic show.


Call or arrange an interview with prospective magicians. Find out what experience each has; a magician with experience with mostly 3- to 4-year-olds may not be suited for an 8-year-old's party. Give an idea of the party's theme, if any, and tell them the general interests of the children in attendance. If one immediately has suggestions or ideas, the magician may be a good choice. Different magicians go about their shows differently, with show length and intermission requirements. Have the magician give you a rough synopsis of the show to see if it meets your approval. The magician should be willing to customize the show to fit your party needs.


Audience participation is a big winner when kids and magic get together. Find out what types of audience participation the magician includes. Some magicians encourage audience participation with balloon art and other magic tricks. Audience participation keeps children from feeling left out. Live animals, such as doves or rabbits, are always entertaining for younger children, especially when they can pet them after the show. Puppets may be another consideration to inquire about. Some magicians may actually perform a disappearing trick on the guest of honor.

Multi Media

Ask if the magician uses different media forms in her performance. This can include music, video or a combination of the two. A multi-media performance will keep children entertained throughout the magician's show and can highlight the magic in the performance. Some children have short attention spans, and the more senses used during the show may increase their enjoyment.

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