Lollipop Tree Crafts

by Alexis Rohlin

Lollipop tree crafts are a cute way to decorate a party table with an eye-catching and inexpensive homemade edible arrangement. Children will love the colorful candies and the fanciful take on a holiday candy dish. Lollipop trees can be made for birthday parties and holidays such as Christmas, Easter and Halloween.

Cardboard Tree

A cardboard lollipop tree can be made by cutting a 9-by-8-inch piece of cardboard into two equal triangles, with the holes of the cardboard's interior running from the top of the triangles to the bottom. Cut the triangles into 1-inch horizontal strips. Discard the top two smallest strips of one triangle. Cut a narrow 1/2-inch deep notch centered in the bottom edges of the complete triangle's strips, with the exception of the second strip from the top. Cut a 1/2-inch deep notch out of the top of the second triangle's longest strip. Use the remaining cardboard to cut an X-shaped base. Glue a bottle cork to the center of the X-shaped base, and insert a 11-inch wooden skewer into the cork. Put together the two longest bottom strips of the triangles, inserting the notched bottom of one into the notched top of the other. Slide the cardboard onto the skewer. Slide the next un-notched strip onto the skewer, then a notched strip. Keep alternating between un-notched and notched strips until you have assembled the tree. Put lollipops on the tree by inserting the stick through a hole of the interior of the cardboard branches.

Styrofoam Cone Tree

Spray paint a long, 24-inch tall Styrofoam cone a color to match party decorations. Glue together two extra-wide "Large OD" flat washers, and then glue them to the flat bottom of the cone to act as an anchor for the tree. Cut matching colored 1-inch ribbon into graduated lengths, from 5-inch strips to 24-inch strips. Wrap the ribbon tight around the cone, starting with the shortest strip at the top of the cone, and pin the overlapping ends in place. Overlap the ribbons as you cover the rest of the cone in the same manner. Insert the sticks of the lollipops into the tree at different intervals to make the branches of the tree.

Potted Lollipop Tree

Make a round bush shaped lollipop tree by placing a large Styrofoam ball on top of a decorative pot. Insert the lollipops into the Styrofoam, starting at the top of the ball and working your way down to the bottom edge where the ball meets the top of the pot.

Cotton Candy Lollipop Tree

Make a cotton candy lollipop tree by wrapping a foam cone with food grade plastic cling wrap. Insert a large lollipop at the top of the cone. Insert smaller lollipops around the cone, evenly spaced out, as though they are ornaments of the tree. Leave enough room for cotton candy to fit between each lollipop. Pull apart pieces of cotton candy and press them onto the tree to cover it with edible flocking.