Lodging Near Baxter State National Park

by Edwin Thomas

Enclosing a vast wilderness of over 209,000 acres in north-central Maine, Baxter State Park is a major outdoor destinations, but one lacking in lodgings. Visitors who wish to see features like Mount Katahdin, Maine's highest mountain and the northern terminus of the Appalachian Trail, must either pitch a tent or seek lodgings outside the park. Thankfully, nearby communities provide a selection of lodgings from which to choose.


Most of the area's lodgings are concentrated in Millinocket, about 20 miles south of Baxter. That should be accounted for when making a motel choice, as making daily round-trips to the park will consume time and add expense onto the trip. It should also be noted that the area between Millinocket and Baxter State Park is crammed with lakes, such as Millinocket Lake and the Twin Lakes. Choosing a lodging that allows a visitor to spend a day or two on outdoor activities outside of Baxter, such as fishing, can help cut down on the driving time.

Five Lakes Lodge

Five Lakes Lodge is one of the farthest options from Baxter State Park that is still within reasonable driving distance (27 miles), but it also is an option that provides plenty to do on days when the drive to the park seems to be a bit too much. This log-construction lodge is set on a narrow peninsula on South Twin Lake, providing a quiet, isolated setting with lake and mountain views in all directions. That setting also provides immediate access to boating, kayaking and fishing on the lake, as well as Baxter State Park.

Pamola Motor Lodge

Situated in Millinocket, the Pamola Motor Lodge is a two-story motel has two features that set it apart from other motels in the area. For after a hard day at hiking, biking, canoeing and other outdoor sports in Baxter State Park, the motel has its own Chinese restaurant and a sports bar, so guests can unwind (and with something a little different from diner food) at the end of the day. For travelers visiting the Baxter park area in winter, the motor lodge also rents its own snowmobiles.

The Young House

The Young House dates to the early 1900s, making this bed and breakfast a logical choice for visitors to Baxter State Park who prefer old fashioned, country-style accommodations. The house sports five bedrooms, all appointed in a homely fashion and with en suite bathrooms. The Young House is a family-owned and -operated bed and breakfast, with the proprietors resident on the third floor, so guests can expect personal attention if it is required. However, the owners also keep cats in the house, something those who are allergic to felines should keep in mind.