Loch Ness Monster Crafts for Kids

by Kent Page McGroarty
Use images of the monster as inspiration for your projects.

Use images of the monster as inspiration for your projects.

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The legend of the Loch Ness monster continues to fascinate people around the world. Since the early 1930s, numerous "sightings" of the creature have been documented. Believed to be a large aquatic reptile not unlike a dinosaur, the monster, nicknamed "Nessie," supposedly lives within the deeps of Loch Ness, located in the Scottish Highlands. Teach children about this Scottish legend through assorted craft projects.

Clay Crafts

Make a Loch Ness monster out of clay. Roll a piece of polymer clay into a long sausage shape; green may be the most "realistic" color choice. Cut the clay into four pieces. Form the head and tail out of two pieces; use a pin to make eyes in the head. Cut the other two pieces into semicircles. Place them with the flat base down in a row to represent the scales of the monster emerging from the water. Set the craft on a piece of blue construction paper. Other clay craft ideas include sculpting just the head and neck of the monster to look as though it is emerging from the water or create "full body" clay Nessie.


Create a diorama featuring the Loch Ness monster. Place a shoebox on its lengthwise side. Paint a scene of a Scottish hillside on the back and sides of the diorama. On the bottom of the diorama, paint a murky grayish-blue color to represent Loch Ness. Glue small twigs to the "water" to look like branches floating on the lake. Create the head and long neck of the monster out of card stock. Paint the monster with green paint. Fold the base of the card stock monster and glue it to the bottom of the diorama so it looks as if it is emerging from the watery depths.

Plush Crafts

Create plush versions of the Loch Ness monster. Use a craft template or your own design to trace a Nessie figure on two pieces of felt, scrap fabric or any other material. Sew the pieces together with a running stitch and use craft filler to stuff the toy as you sew. Sew the hole shut and use fabric glue to attach googly or felt eyes, felt triangular "scales" and assorted buttons as body decorations. Use glitter glue to make sparkling versions of the toy. You can make this craft in any size. For an ornament, sew a looped piece of ribbon to the craft to hang it.

Paper Crafts

You can make a monster mask out of card stock. Cut the card stock into an inverted triangle, make slits for the eyes and paint the mask green. Use black marker or paint to add details to the mask. Use a paper punch to make holes on either side of the mask. Knot elastic or string through the holes to wear it. Paper puppets are another option. Color a small paper bag green and draw a face on the base of the bag. You could also fold origami versions of the creature or use bits of construction paper to make paper "Nessie" mosaics.

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