Locations in Dallas, Texas to Have a Birthday Party for a Two Year Old Girl

by Blair Foy

Ask almost any Texan and they will more than likely proudly let you know that "everything is bigger in Texas." For parents in the city of Dallas and surrounding area, applying this Texas philosophy to planning a 2-year-old girl's birthday party means searching Dallas for the location that best suits a little girl's interests. Plan a fun birthday party by choosing Dallas party options or locations that will interest your little girl as well as incorporate a 2-year olds need to expand her motor skills, use all of her senses and practice being independent.

Bounce U

Located in the North Dallas area, Bounce U (bounceu.com) is a potential birthday party location that capitalizes on the way most 2-year-olds love to climb, run and, of course, jump. Parents can book private birthday parties for small, medium or large groups. Bounce U can also help with the social tendencies of 2-year-olds, as most will play in groups but, generally, keep to themselves. With multiple bouncing areas, kids can play together or alone.

The Dress Up Lady

Most 2-year-olds are capable of recognizing their favorite characters or themes such as princesses or flowers. Families planning a party for a little girl's second birthday can use her favorite princess characters with help from The Dress Up Lady (thedressuplady.com). This Texas business brings the party to your home. The themes for these parties include Under the Sea Tea, Fairy School, Pink Princess Tea, Story Book Princess Party, Fancy Nancy, Sassy Princess Party, Fashion Diva and Spa Party. In addition to a party theme, parents can also book a little girl's favorite character including, Belle, Sleeping Princess, Princess Cinderella, Jasmine Princess, Ariel Princess, Barbie and Tinkerbelle fairy.

Adventure Landing

While fun and energetic, 2-year-olds are often still learning how to express their emotions properly. When toddlers get frustrated over not being able to communicate emotions, they can have temper tantrums and often can use a blanket or stuffed animal for comfort. Having a teddy bear party at Dallas's Adventure Landing (adventurelanding.com) can incorporate both a little girl's love of stuffed animals and need for a comfort item as she and her friends celebrate her second birthday. The requirement is a minimum of eight guests. Parties include a decorated table for the party duration of one and a half hours. Each child at the party gets to pick out and build her own teddy bear. Once the bear is complete, the partygoers are given a birth certificate for the new bear.

Peter Piper Pizza

Upon turning 2, toddlers begin to choose foods they enjoy. Ensure your toddler and all of her party guests will have fun and get full tummies by hosting her birthday party at Peter Piper Pizza (peterpiperpizza.com) located in Dallas. During the party, the restaurant provides a host for your event as well as games for all participants. Parents can help their toddlers eat the pizza, made with homemade dough, by cutting it up into bite size pieces.