Local Phone Companies in Virginia

by Ruth O'Neil

Residents in Virginia have a few options to connect home phones. Some companies provide bundling packages that include Internet and cable as well as local and long distance phone service. If you live in Virginia and are looking for local phone service, choose the company that best fits your needs.


Cavalier offers a variety of plans for the home phone, including unlimited long distance, caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding and 3-way calling. If you have any issues with your phone, customer service is available six days a week. Rates for phone services begin at $45 per month. Other options, such as DSL, Direct TV and a phone unlimited phone plan for calling numbers within the state of Virginia. Call 1-800-513-8603 for current rates and promotions.


Cox is another local phone company in Virginia that offers not only local phone service, but also Internet and cable television. Rates for home phone service start at about $17 a month, as of 2011. The "Essential Plan" offers unlimited local calling as well as a few traditional phone features including caller ID and call waiting. The "Premier Plan" offers a little more including unlimited long distance throughout the US and Canada. Call 1-703-378-8422 for current rates and special offers.


Comcast offers local phone service to residents throughout the state of Virginia. Services for the home phone include call waiting, caller ID, voice mail and unlimited local and long distance calling. To get a better deal on your phone rates, consider purchasing Internet and cable services from Comcast as well. As of 2011, these combined rates start at $99 a month. The company also runs specials on phone services. Call 1-866-731-1853 to see what rates and phone services are available in your area.


Verizon is known for long distance and cell phone services, but in Virginia, the mobile carrier is a local phone carrier. Services for your home phone include call waiting, caller ID and unlimited long distance. For even better rates think about rolling your DSL or high speed Internet and cable into one package to help you save even more money. Verizon often offers deals for new customers. Many times these deals are good as long as you continue the service. To sign up for Verizon services call 1-800-837-4966.

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