Little Rock, Arkansas Romantic Getaways

by Anne Davis

Little Rock, originally called "La Petite Roche" by the Europeans who first stumbled across the area, sits in the center of the state along the Arkansas River. Because it's Arkansas' capital, Little Rock is chock full of opportunities for both entertainment and relaxation, from enjoying the amenities of a local bed and breakfast to hiking and biking.

The Empress of Little Rock Bed & Breakfast

The Empress of Little Rock ( is a cozy Victorian mansion located downtown. Originally called The Hornibrook Mansion, this inn was built in 1888 using only materials from the state. This inn has nine rooms, each with design schemes titled, for example, "Victoria's Garden Suite" and "The Eliza Bertrand Cunningham Room." The rooms include a fireplace, Jacuzzi tubs, aromatherapy steam saunas, and spa amenities. With the room, you can enjoy a two-course gourmet breakfast each morning. You and your beloved can even enjoy high tea at the inn on Sundays.

Big Dam Bridge

You and your dearest can spend your day strolling along the Big Dam Bridge ( This nearly mile-long bridge, the longest pedestrian bridge ever built, connects 15 miles of hiking trails alongside the Arkansas River, joining Little Rock and its neighboring city, North Little Rock. This bridge offers you the opportunity to experience nature while allowing you to focus entirely on the time you have with your romantic partner since you are physically separated from anywhere.

Arkansas Arts Center

The Arkansas Arts Center ( has a museum that you and your significant other can peruse at your leisure. The museum's collection contains works of art from the Renaissance period to the present, with pieces by such artists as Vincent Van Gogh, Georgia O'Keeffe, Jackson Pollock and Rembrandt. The museum is also home to various works of art in craft media, including glass, wood, ceramics, and jewelry. You and your partner can expand your mind and discover new interests together.

Little Rock Zoo

The Little Rock Zoo ( provides ample opportunity for you and yours to reconnect with your childhood while strengthening your relationship. While visiting the penguins, elephants, gorillas, bobcats, rhinoceroses and giant pythons, you can discover new stories about your partner's childhood while seeing first-class animal exhibits. And if you can attend during off-peak hours, such as early in the week during the school year, you can enjoy a relatively quiet and hassle-free experience.

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