List of Local Phone Companies in Los Angeles, California

by Allison Lyndsay

Residents of Los Angeles have a variety of phone companies to choose from. Whether you're looking for a basic, affordable local calling plan, or a high-end unlimited calling plan with phone features and international calling, there is a company for you. All these companies include voice mail, caller ID, and call waiting.

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CenturyLink is a Los Angeles-based phone provider that offers an unlimited calling plan. It includes unlimited local and long distance calling, and calling features such as voice mail, called ID, and call waiting. CenturyLink offers additional services for a small fee. They will install extra phone lines in your home, and they offer protection plans that cover damaged phone lines and computers.

DPI Teleconnect

DPI Teleconnect offers low cost home phone service to Los Angeles residents. Their plans include unlimited local calling, call waiting, caller ID, three-way calling, call forwarding, and call return. DPI Teleconnect does not require a contract or a deposit. They cater to people with bad or no credit. Customers can pay as they go, and they even offer online payment options.


Comcast's XFINITY home phone service offers unlimited local and long distance calling for one price. Their plans include voice mail, caller ID, call waiting, call return, call screening, speed dial, three-way calling, and more. They also offer caller ID that shows on your television or personal computer. If you have loved ones that live overseas, Comcast offers affordable international calling plans in addition to their basic services.


AT&T; offers affordable home phone plans to Los Angeles residents. Their basic plan includes unlimited local calling, call waiting, call forwarding, missed call dialing, caller ID, three-way calling, speed dial, voice mail, and call return. You can add a long distance plan or an international plan to your basic phone package.

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