List of Internet Cable Providers in Mobile, Alabama

by Robin Reichert
Mobile, Alabama residents can choose from a variety of cable Internet services.

Mobile, Alabama residents can choose from a variety of cable Internet services.

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Cable Internet service in Mobile, Alabama shares the cable television line that's already installed in homes, and the service speed runs at about 16Mbps to 20Mbps. Most cable television companies provide their customers with optional cable Internet services. Some companies offer discounts for bundled packages that include Internet, cable television and telephone services. Customers in Mobile, Alabama have a choice of high-speed cable Internet providers.


Comcast provides Internet service through its television lines and offers fiber-optic service in some areas. Comcast's PowerBoost service speeds up the connection when you're downloading or uploading data. This service supposedly helps make watching movies, playing games and listening to music faster with fewer buffering delays. Comcast cable Internet subscribers in Mobile, Alabama receive a free cable modem, a free wireless router, multimedia package, Internet security software and firewall protection. The first six months of service is $20 per month, as of June 2011.

Time Warner Cable

Time Warner services the Mobile, Alabama area and provides Road Runner cable Internet services starting at $35 per month for the first 12 months of service, as of June 2011. Time Warner includes free security software to protect you while surfing the Internet. You also get up to 10 free email accounts. You may choose to upgrade to the turbo connection that increases the connection speed to 15Mbps for an additional $10 per month. All subscribers receive free wireless home networking for four computers.


Charter Internet offers an introductory price of $30 for the first six months of service as of June 2011. The cable Internet service includes free ESPN3 online live and free security software. Mobile, Alabama customers can do online gaming, get 10 free email accounts and stream live television broadcasts with Charter. You also receive 10GB of online storage for your files. Bundled packages that include cable television and telephone service are also available.


Mediacom provides high-speed cable Internet access starting at $20 per month for customers in Mobile, Alabama, as of June 2011. The service is available at introductory speeds of 3Mbps, a medium speed service at 12Mbps and the fastest access at 20Mbps. All customers receive security software and free home networking. In addition to fast service, Mediacom customers get free access to the Today news website.

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