A List of Cable Companies in Marion, Alabama

by Josh Patrick
One coaxial cable can deliver hundreds of channels to your home.

One coaxial cable can deliver hundreds of channels to your home.

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Consumers in Marion, Alabama, have a healthy selection of cable and satellite television providers. Premium package deals offer sports channels, movies and digital video recorder service. Basic services are also available for those on a budget or those who only need to check news and weather. Many cable companies sell Internet and phone service as well, and bundling more than one service together can sometimes be a value.


Xfinity TV from Comcast is available at three service levels. The Digital Starter package includes six months of free HBO, over 80 channels and 45 music stations. An on-screen program guide assists in navigation. The Digital Preferred package includes over 160 channels, more sports options and an enhanced selection of On Demand programs, both on TV and online. The Digital Premier package features premium movie channels like Cinemax, Starz and Showtime.

Charter Communications

Charter TV advertises over 1,000 high definition channels, in addition to more than 8,000 On Demand choices. Charter also offers sports packages for every major professional sport. Premium movie packages include channels like HBO and Showtime. Free On Demand programming includes major network shows, so staying caught up with a favorite show is simple. Charter DVR allows you to pause and rewind live television or record programs to watch later.

Dish Network

Dish Network provides satellite television service, with four service packages from which to choose. The Top 120 package includes local channels, free installation and free premium movie channels for three months. New customers have the option to add DVR to their service for a low monthly fee. The Top 200 package adds nearly 100 channels to the lineup, while the Everything package includes more than 315 channels. Every package comes with high definition receivers for up to three televisions.

Direct TV

Direct TV offers four satellite television packages, all of which include local channels. The Choice package includes 150 channels, while the Choice Xtra includes more than 210 channels plus online extras like HBO GO. The Premier package has the most channels and incentives. The lineup includes nearly 300 channels and free HD service. Customers choosing the Premier package can select DVR service at a discount. NFL Sunday Ticket is also free with the Premier service package.

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