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    Line Dance Step Description for "Cowboy Cha Cha"

    The Cowboy Cha Cha is a country western couples dance performed in the "sweetheart position" that progresses counterclockwise around the floor. In this dance step, the lead foot is the same for both partners and is done in a one-two-cha-cha-cha step pattern. The Cowboy Cha Cha can be danced to any country western song with a cha cha dance beat such as "Neon Moon" by Brooks and Dunn and "Gulf of Mexico" by Clint Black.

    The Dance Steps for the Shy Waltz Line Dance

    The "Shy Waltz" is a line dance waltz originally choreographed by Anne Hewitt. Commonly performed to the songs "The Last Waltz," by the British singer Engelbert Humperdinck, and "The Door of Life," by Japan's Mariya Takeuchi, it is a 24-count waltz suitable for both beginners and those with intermediate knowledge of line dance waltzes.

    "Cowboy Boogie" Line Dance Step Description

    Before you head out to the country western club, memorize a few line dances so that you can participate when the party gets going. The "Cowboy Boogie" is a popular line dance that can be performed to a number of popular country songs. Once the simple steps are integrated into your muscle memory, get fancy with a little sass and style.

    Steps to the Fat Sally Line Dance

    A country band by the name of The Rednex has a song called "Fat Sally Lee." A line dance was choreographed to complement the song and is referred to as The Fat Sally or The Fat Sally Lee. When this song comes on in a country western club, the knowing get up and perform the steps. Once you practice at home for a few days, you'll be able to get up there and dance, too.

    Description of the Steps for the Hillbilly Boogie Line Dance

    The Hillbilly Boogie, also known as the Hillbilly Rock, Hillbilly Roll, is a popular line dance set to the song "Hillbilly Rock Hillbilly Roll" by The Woolpackers. This dance is simple but consists of 48 counts, which is longer than the standard 32 you see in most line dances. Rather than being difficult to learn, it takes time to memorize each step in the correct order. Once you have it down, you'll be able to participate at any country western club that plays this song.

    The Line Dance Steps of "Crazy Legs" by Greg Underwood

    The "Crazy Legs" line dance, credited to choreographer Greg Underwood, is best performed with a certain kind of song, like "Hog Wild" by Hank Williams Sr. It isn't an easy dance to learn and requires familiarity with line dancing etiquette and the ability to memorize several series of steps, slides and stomps.

    Line Dance Steps to "The Devil Went Down to Georgia"

    The line dance that typically goes with the song "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" is also known as the Ten Step. This line dance is typically meant to be performed by couples rather than in rows of numerous dancers. However, this dance can also be performed with a group of singles in much the same way.

    Line Dance Steps for the Casanova Cowboy

    The Casanova Cowboy is a line dance choreographer Michael W. Diven created for the song "Cowboy Casanova" by Carrie Underwood. This dance has 32 total counts and is considered an intermediate level line dance. By memorizing the steps to this song, you'll be prepared to participate in a line dance when this song comes on in a country western club.

    A Description of the Line Dance Steps for the Rodeo Crawl

    Line dancing is a great way to dance with a group of people. After each dancer memorizes a set of steps, dancers move in unison to their favorite country songs, creating a group harmony that's enjoyable to both participate in and watch. The Rodeo Crawl is a specific set of line dance steps that can be memorized and set to almost any country tune.

    Country Line Dance Terminology

    Country line dancing is a popular competitive and recreational dance style. Among the hundreds of terms used in each dance, there are a several that are unique to country line dancing. Each term refers to a movement of the body or the feet.