Line Dance Steps to "The Devil Went Down to Georgia"

by Kimberly Turtenwald
The Ten Step line dance is best done with couples.

The Ten Step line dance is best done with couples.

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The line dance that typically goes with the song "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" is also known as the Ten Step. This line dance is typically meant to be performed by couples rather than in rows of numerous dancers. However, this dance can also be performed with a group of singles in much the same way.


The positioning of the dance that goes with "Devil Went Down to Georgia" is different than the typical line dance. Couples position themselves in pairs in the form of a circle. It does not matter which side the man and woman are on. The man should place his near arm around the woman's shoulder and grasp her far hand in his near one. Her near hand should reach across the man's body and hold his far hand.

Left Touch Out

When the music begins, the dancing starts at the first beat. Both partners make the exact same movements versus if they were dancing facing each other, which requires opposite movements. Touch your left heel forward and then bring it back next to your right foot. Tap your right toe toward the back and bring it back next to your left. A stomp can be added at this point for effect.

Right Touch Out

After you complete the left touch out and have stomped your right foot back in place beside the left, perform a right touch out. Tap your right heel out in front of you and bring it back across your left foot. Tap your right heel forward again and this time, bring it back to rest next to your left foot. Then tap your left heel out forward. Cross your left foot over your right.

Forward Movement

Once both of the touch-out steps have been completed, move the circle of dancers forward. With your left foot in front of your right, shift your weight onto your left foot and transfer your weight quickly in a left-right-left pattern. Step forward on your right foot and repeat the weight shifting in a right-left-right pattern. Repeat each side one more time each, stepping forward each time. After this, the steps start over.

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