The Line Dance Steps of "Crazy Legs" by Greg Underwood

by Dan Harkins
Add a complex line dance or two to your dance floor repertoire.

Add a complex line dance or two to your dance floor repertoire.

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The "Crazy Legs" line dance, credited to choreographer Greg Underwood, is best performed with a certain kind of song, like "Hog Wild" by Hank Williams Sr. It isn't an easy dance to learn and requires familiarity with line dancing etiquette and the ability to memorize several series of steps, slides and stomps.

Start It Off

Your right foot begins the action, with a stomp to the floor and a forward kick. Then the right foot goes left in front of the left shin, forward in a kick again and finally out to the right side. After a final kick forward, send your right foot over the left shin again and end with a step to the right, followed by a step to the right with your left foot. Step again to the right, and slide the left foot over again.

Get Moving

Stomp the floor with your left foot and then your right and your left again. Now move your left foot over your right shin and out to the left side, as you did earlier with your right foot. Kick forward first with your left foot, then move it over your left shin, forward, to the left side, forward and finally over the right shin again. End this series with a step to the left, followed by the right, then a larger step left followed by a long slide with the right foot. Now stomp your right foot, followed in time by the left.

Mix it Up

Now get ready to shuffle your feet. Step with the left, followed by the right. Step again with the left, but this time, touch your right foot to the floor and pivot to the left on the ball of your left foot. Step your left foot to meet your right, then step to the left with your left toe pointed out. Step to the right, with your right toe pointed out, too. Then, on successive beats, point both toes toward each other, away from each other and toward each other again.

Finish Up

A final series of movements will take you back to the beginning of the Crazy Legs dance, at which point you'll start over. Just point your right toe outward, rest it next to the left foot, then point the left toe to the left and place it next to your right foot. Turn your right heel in the front, while placing your right foot next to the left. Touch the left toe behind you, lift your left knee upwards, kick your left foot toward the rear then lift your left knee again. Step back with the left, forward with the right and touch your left toe in the front. Pivot on the ball of your right foot to turn right, then step with the left and alternate twisting a half turn and a quarter turn with both feet in succession.

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