Lilo & Stitch Party Themes

by Christina Gandolfo

The Walt Disney animated film "Lilo and Stitch" has been popular since its release in 2002. The story of a lonely girl and her unlikely science-experiment friend has captivated children, making it a popular subject for parties. There are several party themes related to the movie that can be used to make a memorable celebration for any "Lilo and Stitch" fan.


Everyone loves a luau. Invite guests with a homemade surfboard invitation cut out of poster board, decorated on the front and containing party information on the back. Encourage guests to dress Hawaiian and provide everyone with a lei. Decorate the party table with grass skirt fringe and snacks set in coconut halves. Keep the guests moving with a hula hoop contest and beach ball relay races.


Cut out and color big flowers for the invitations. Have guests make their own leis with elastic string and live or plastic flowers. Traditionally in Hawaii, lei making is a time for telling stories, so use this as a time for kids to share stories of their own and talk about their own traditions. Kids will enjoy learning some basic hula dancing once their leis are complete. Tell them about Hawaiian warriors and let them make temporary warrior tattoos by drawing repeated shapes around the circle of their arms with an eyeliner pencil. Serve kid-friends kabobs skewered on craft sticks.

Mad Scientist

Without a mad scientist, there would be no Stitch, so invite guests with printable googly-eyed glasses containing all the party details. Provide each guest with inexpensive goggles, a homemade lab coat and rubber gloves that they can take home after the party. Do a simple kitchen science experiment -- an edible experiment is an especially good choice -- and don't forget to take pictures!

Elvis Presley

Lilo tries to teach Stitch to behave like Elvis Presley so he will have better manners, and your party guests can also have fun with Elvis. Invite guests with a picture of the king and a saying from one of his songs, such as "'I'm Counting on You' to come to my party" or "'It is No Secret' that I want you to come to my party." Play some Elvis tunes while the kids make their own cardboard guitars and "practice" their manners, much like Stitch. Let kids perform karaoke with their guitars.

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