A Letter of Invitation for a Playground Project

by Trisha Dawe
Announcing the completion of playground projects begins with an invitation letter.

Announcing the completion of playground projects begins with an invitation letter.

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After months of planning and organizing the design, installation and safety features of a new community or other playground, it is time to present the finish product to those who have donated their money to make it happen. Create a formal letter of invitation to entice those who are directly involved with the playground project, as well as those who directly benefit from its installation.


It is customary to invite peers, clients and donors who sponsored the project or those who have a special interest in the playground. Extending invitations to area children is also an appropriate gesture because of the nature of the playground event, even though other presentation events may steer away from the inclusion of citizens under the age of 18 because of the formality of a public presentation.


Create a letter with a positive, yet formal tone, if creating an event strictly for donors and sponsoring organization board members. It is acceptable to use a bit more of a casual tone when inviting younger citizens to the playground presentation. Be professional and create an anticipation and exciting attitude toward the event to entice attendance.

Letter Parts

Begin the letter by introducing the host and the sponsoring organization and a few sentence descriptions of the company. Include event details, such as the address of the playground, the date and time of the presentation and any necessary attire suggestions. State that you look forward the the letter recipients' attendance in sharing the playground opening.

Responses and Ending

Invite letter recipients to respond regarding their presence at the new playground presentation event. Include a specific RSVP date, as well as a method of contact with the pertinent information. Encourage each recipient to respond even if they are unable to attend. End the invitation letter with a one-line closing that expresses anticipation and excitement for the playground. Complete the letter with an appropriate salutation and a hand written signature by the event host.

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