Law School Graduation Party Favors

by Sam Kellenberg

Party favors are small gifts offered to guests by the host, often to show appreciation for attending, and in the case of parties where gifts are expected, for bringing gifts. Law school graduation party favors can relate to the graduate's future legal career, commemorate the graduation itself, or be a mixture of both.

Traditional Graduation Favors

Law school graduation is still a graduation; don't discount traditional graduation party favors. These include "Congrats, grad" and "Class of..." imprinted favors or mortarboard-shaped items. Pencils, pens, playing cards, stress-relief balls, and beach balls are all commonly sold at party-supply retailers. If the party is to include multiple graduates, consider favors that can also be autographed.

Edible Party Favors

One possibility is to send party attendees home with edible party favors. These can be anything from law school graduation-themed cookies to chocolate gavels -- all available from online retailers. Or, if you're skilled at baking, try making your own! Homemade cookies can be packaged in patterned or colored cellophane or small cookie tins.

Utilitarian Favors

There are plenty of items that law school graduates will need or appreciate that may also be given as party favors appropriate for all guests. Small-denomination gift cards to office supply stores, business-card holders, even coffee mugs are all acceptable party.

Other Party Favor Ideas

If you're wanting to give more than one party favor to each attendee, consider making "law school-grad survival kits," which can be fun, even for those partygoers who didn't graduate from law school. You could include billable-hour watches or clocks, U.S. Constitution quiz cards, "Get Out Of Jail Free" stationery or "Passing the Bar" flash cards. Tailor the levity of your gifts to your guests.