Latin Festivals in NYC

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New York City is known for its restaurants, shops, museums and entertainment. It's also a city that is rich in cultural diversity and has plenty of options for those looking to celebrate it. Whether you want to be entertained or simply enjoy some traditional Latino food, New York offers plenty of Latin festivals.

Latino Film Festival

The New York International Latino Film Festival is the premier urban Latino film event in the country. Since 1999, the festival has showcased the best up-and-coming Latino filmmakers in both the U.S. and Latin America and is a celebration of cultural diversity. The festival features art and music performances and community events for the whole family. Highlights include a short-film competition and scholarship awards for aspiring filmmakers.

Carnaval del Barrio

Carnaval del Barrio, also known as the 116th Street Festival, is an annual Puerto Rican festival that is held in the Spanish Harlem neighborhood of New York City. Carnaval del Barrio celebrates the presence of Puerto Ricans in East Harlem and strives to preserve cultural ties to the community through the arts, music and theater. The event features live performances by local and international music groups, as well as traditional Puerto Rican food, arts and folklore, and amusement rides for children.

Cinco De Mayo Festival

Cinco de Mayo is a Mexican national holiday that celebrates a military victory against France in 1862. CECOMEX, a community organization in New York, organizes the annual Cinco de Mayo festival. Each year, the festival attracts thousands of people in East Harlem to celebrate Mexican culture and heritage. Visitors can enjoy live Latin music on two stages, Mexican folklore and traditional Mexican food like tacos, sopes and churros. This free festival takes place on East 116th Street at Second, Third and Lexington avenues.

Gourmet Latino Festival

The Gourmet Latino Festival is a celebration of Latin food and culture. Over 40 of New York's best Latin chefs spend one week creating unique culinary masterpieces to offer at their restaurants. Each chef creates a special menu to take your taste buds on a savory tour of Latin American cuisine from countries such as Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Peru and Ecuador. Foodies can taste an exotic array of food and cocktails, including tapas, chili-and-tequila pairings, wines and sweetbreads.

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