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by Johnny Kampis
Las Vegas developed around Fremont Street in the early 20th century.

Las Vegas developed around Fremont Street in the early 20th century.

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Las Vegas offers more hotel rooms than any other city in the United States. Among the plethora of accommodation options is lodging for any budget in any part of the city, including the most popular areas of Las Vegas Boulevard, better known as the Strip, and old Las Vegas downtown.

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You will find plenty of chain hotels and motels offering reasonable lodging rates in Las Vegas. What might surprise you if you have never visited "Sin City" is that you will often find rooms for lower prices at some of the smaller casino resorts, and get much better amenities on top of that. This is largely because casino resorts anticipate making more money off of you when you gamble or spend money on dining and entertainment at their properties.


If you desire budget accommodations and want to stick close to the Strip, the hotbed for attractions in Las Vegas, look at properties on the north end of the Strip and on Fremont Street in the downtown section of the city. These hotels tend to be older and offer fewer amenities than the larger properties, but features attractive room rates. The best for families include Circus Circus and Stratosphere, while resorts downtown offering good rooms for low prices include Main Street Station and Golden Nugget.


You can walk much of the Strip, but don't even consider walking between the Strip and Fremont Street. In addition to being a very long walk, this can be a sketchy trek at night. Plan to rent a car during your stay or take advantage of the city buses that run between these two major tourist areas. They offer fares of a few bucks for one ride, or you can buy multi-day passes to get a discount.


Chain hotels and motels in Las Vegas tend to offer only a place to sleep -- there aren't any one-armed bandits in the halls. Any casino resort in which you stay will feature the classic games such as slots, craps and blackjack. Just be sure to join the casino's players club before you begin playing. That way you can earn points toward comps as you gamble, which could result in a free or reduced hotel bill when you leave for home.


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