How to Land Softly on a Dirt Bike

by Natalie Lyda
Learning to land softly on a dirt bike may take some practice.

Learning to land softly on a dirt bike may take some practice.

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Jumping dirt bikes requires guts. However, once you've found the courage to launch in the air, it's important to know how to land softly. Maneuvering your bike to absorb the shock of a landing will help keep your body from being jarred and reduce the risk of crashing. Learning to land comfortably will leave you stoked and ready for more riding -- as opposed to being sore and wary of the next jump.

Step 1

Evaluate where you will be landing prior to approaching the jump. Looking at the landing area ahead of time will help you prepare before you're in the air. However, it's also important to size up the landing area after you have left the jump and are preparing to land.

Step 2

Prepare for landing on a flat surface by pulling the handlebars of the dirt bike upwards, toward your chest, just before landing. Angle the bike so that the back wheel is in a position to touch the landing surface first.

Step 3

Land on surfaces angled downward with the bike positioned at the same angle as the ramp, so that both tires touch down nearly simultaneously. Engage the clutch of the bike and quickly let on and off the brake repeatedly, while extending your arms and the handlebars downward. Tapping the brake will help lock the rear wheel and force the front wheel down to angle the bike in line with the landing.

Step 4

Engage the throttle immediately before landing. Keeping the wheels in motion will help place the shock of the landing on the rear suspension and make landing comfortable enough to get you and your bike back in the air as soon as possible.

Tips & Warnings

  • Never take your dirt bike off jumps that are beyond your skill or comfort level.

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