Lady Bug Party Themes

by Trisha Dawe

Planning a ladybug party for your little one, or for a family picnic, provides a plethora of opportunities to get creative. Use the insect as the inspiration for all facets of the party from the invitations to the food options. Ladybugs are often red with black spots and a black head, so use those two colors as the color scheme for the event.


Make your own ladybug invitations by cutting a ladybug outline from black card stock or construction paper. The outline is one 6-inch oval with a 2-inch mound on one end. Cut a piece of white printer paper into a 5 1/2-inch oval and print the party details on that. Glue the white oval on the inside of the 6-inch black oval. Cut another red paper oval measuring 6 inches and cut it in half lengthwise. Glue 1-inch wide black paper dots on both halves and use black brads to anchor them at one short end. Guests move the red half-ovals to the sides to see the party instructions.


Layer each guest and buffet table with red and white gingham tablecloths and use black napkins from a discount or party supply store. Hang black and red streamers from the ceiling adorned with red and black balloon bouquets. For guest favors, place a ladybug-shaped cookie and a bag of red and black jellybeans in a shiny red bag adorned with black paper spots, wiggly eyes and two black pipe cleaners bent slightly at the ends.

Games and Activities

Give each child a headband with two black pipe cleaners with black foam balls stuck to the end to pretend they are ladybugs while playing a game of musical ladybugs. Musical ladybugs is similar to musical chairs, but the children pretend to fly while walking around the chairs. Draw a large ladybug on a piece of poster board and give each child a 3-inch black circle to play "Pin the Dot on the Ladybug."

Food and Beverages

Serve red punch in a punchbowl and offer grape juice ice cubes to make ladybug drinks. Offer your guests peanut butter balls or cookie pops covered in red melted candy chips with chocolate chips stuck to them for edible ladybug favors or snacks. Use a dome-shaped cake pan to make the cake and cover it with icing and a layer of red fondant. Glue chocolate cookies or chocolate-covered mints to the red section of the cake with frosting and place one small cupcake covered with black icing next to the cake for the ladybug head.

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