Labels and Tags for Party Favors

by Kent Page McGroarty

Create your own tags for party favors or look to shopping sites for tags as well as customized label options. Your party or event will be all the more memorable if it includes special party favors with interesting labels or tags your guests will want to save as mementos from the occasion.

Dried Leaf Tags

Incorporate dried leaves into your party favor tags. Ideas include laminating dried leaves of any kind and gluing tag information written on small paper squares to them, or piecing holes through smaller leaves as adornments for paper tags. Other ideas include creating dried leaf "confetti" by breaking up the leaves and either laminating them as party favor tags or gluing them to existing tags in various designs or patterns, including spelling out the name of the person receiving the party favor.

Animal-Shaped Tags

Cut tags in the shape of animals out of card stock or other viable craft paper. Go with nautical animals for beach parties or barnyard animals for events held at local farms. Incorporate the favorite animal of the person celebrated into the tags such as cats, horses and dogs. Paper isn't the only method for creating such tags; other ideas include creating animal tags from craft foam or crafting animal shapes from scrap fabric and placing a nametag around the neck of the craft.

Beer Label Ideas

Browse shopping sites for labels that mimic those found on bottles of beer, which are sure to make your guests smile. Customize such labels to say "Beer Name's Stout" or similar phrase, though they can also say "Happy Birthday" or "Happy Father's Day" depending on the event for which you purchase them. Photo beer labels are another option for celebrating the person. Place such labels on favor boxes and bags.

CD Labels and Other Ideas

If your party favor is a compilation CD of favorite tunes from the celebration, use CD labels found at online label stores, to put the finishing touches on such favors. Make these types of labels for just about any occasion including holidays, birthdays, weddings and anniversaries. Labels for bottled party favors are another option, such as wine bottle favors from a wine-tasting party featuring customized labels. Another option includes customizing labels for candle party favors.

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