Korean "Cinderella" Movie Plot

by Shawn Lealos
The Korean movie

The Korean movie "Cinderella" has few similarities to the Disney classic.

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Although many people think of a sweet Disney animated fairy tale when they hear the name "Cinderella," the Korean movie of the same name is anything but sweet. "Cinderella" is part of a Korean horror genre that explores the evil induced by children; earlier films of that genre influenced American movies such as "The Grudge" and "The Ring." Created in 2006, this movie explores jealousy and shame among girls and the search for motherly love.

It's All About Looking the Best

The basic theme for the movie "Cinderella" centers on plastic surgery and constantly attempting to improve looks to achieve a higher standing in society. Yoon-hee, a successful plastic surgeon and the mother of Hyeon-su, has conducted numerous plastic surgery operations on her daughter and friends. After a quick introduction to the movie, we go straight to one of the plastic surgeries, where it is time for one of Yoon-hee's daughter's friends to finally become pretty.


This is a Korean horror movie, so there has to be a demonic child. Before Su-kyoung has her plastic surgery, she sees a frightening ghostly girl, with long dark hair, crawl under the operating table. When Su-kyoung returns to school, she realizes the ghostly girl is now haunting her and wants her face back. The ghostly girl then terrorizes the youngster until, eventually, Su-kyoung dies, either by her own hands or those of the demonic girl.

Sins of the Past

The ghostly girl haunts everyone on whom Yoon-hee conducts plastic surgery, because of sins Yoon-hee committed. Many years earlier, Yoon-hee left Hyeon-su in their car and, while away, the car's engine exploded, horribly disfiguring Hyeon-su. While praying at a church for her daughter, Yoon-hee met a young orphaned girl and takes her home with her. In the present day, the husband exclaims that Hyeon-su is not their daughter, that she is the orphaned girl raised to believe she is their daughter, while their real daughter was hidden away and committed suicide.

Resolution (Spoilers)

After the demonic girl continues to kill all of Hyeon-su's friends, the movie finally reveals the truth. Yoon-hee, who loved both girls, performed plastic surgery and gave her daughter the orphaned girl's face, leaving the orphan disfigured in the basement. The day that Yoon-hee finally chose to honor the orphan's birthday is the day that the girl hung herself, the scene shown at the beginning of the movie. Yoon-hee tries to repent by cutting the face off her daughter to return it to the orphaned girl, but then stops. To save her daughter, Yoon-hee agrees to sacrifice herself to save her daughter's life.

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