Kodiak ATV Trails

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July, August and September are the best months to glimpse Kodiak bears.

July, August and September are the best months to glimpse Kodiak bears.

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On Kodiak Island, Alaska, visitors come for the bear viewing, hiking and camping, and water sports such as kayaking, fishing and beachcombing. For visitors and locals interested in seeing the sights from behind the wheel of an all-terrain vehicle (ATV), Kodiak's licensed outfitters offer fishing and wildlife viewing on day trips. There are no public trails on the island for private riding, so you must sign up with an outfitter to traverse the island by ATV.

Kodiak ATV Adventures

Kodiak ATV Adventures (kodiakatvadventures.com) provides a full-day, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. wildlife-viewing and fishing trip for riders 16 years of age and up. Riders have their own automatic Polaris Sportsman for the journey, which traverses mountainous back-country filled with Kodiak bears and other wildlife. The remainder of the day is spent fishing on backwater rivers. Trips are $250 per person and include refreshments and snacks.

Ultimate Island Adventures

For those less comfortable with ATV driving or who are traveling with children, Ultimate Island Adventures (ultimateislandadventures.com) provides guests with two-to-seven-person-occupancy Yamaha Rhinos for their day-long ATV fishing excursions. The Rhinos, which handle like an SUV, traverse Kodiak's river banks and back-country trails on fishing or wildlife-viewing excursions. The 16-mile journey is open to riders of all ages and begins at 7 a.m. Food and fishing equipment are provided, and prices vary seasonally.

Kodiak Adventures Unlimited

Kodiak Adventures Unlimited (kodiakadventuresunlimited.com) is an outfitter that provides day-long excursions from the American River to Saltery Lake. Riders have the choice of a two- to seven-person Rhino or personal four-wheel ATV. Fishing and wildlife photography tours are 12 hours long (7 a.m. to 7 p.m.) and include fishing equipment, chest waders and lunch. Excursion prices range from $300 to $360 a person for riders of all ages.

Can't Get Enough Fishing Company

For a wild ride across rivers, fields and back-country mountains, Can't Get Enough Fishing Company (cantgetenoughfishing.com) provides ATV trail day excursions that are geared toward exploring wildlife in their natural habitat. ATV trips are by reservation only and prices vary by season.

Fishing License Information

If you're planning on doing some fishing on a Kodiak ATV excursion, make sure to get your fishing license. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game (adfg.Alaska.gov) provides temporary fishing licenses for one-day and multiday trips. For convenience, fishing licenses can be purchased online before your trip begins.

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