Knoxville, Tennessee Haunted Attractions

by Christine LaFleur

Knoxville, Tennessee is home to haunted attractions that will send a tingle up your spine. You will find a haunted farm, a haunted corn maze and a haunted house. Most of these places ask for admission to scare the pants off of you. You can visit an old cemetery to scare yourself for free.

Dead Man's Farm

Dead Man's Farm ( is a haunted attraction that sits on an actual farm. The farm was investigated by paranormal investigators who found evidence of paranormal activity on the grounds. The legend is that the Bludgeon Family owned the farm and lived a secluded life, but eventually began experimenting on their farm hands with dark magic. According to Dead Man's Farm's website, police found "human corpses, animal parts and some unnatural creatures." You can now tour the haunted house and see what the Bludgeon Family left behind.

Trail of Doom

The Trail of Doom ( is a haunted corn maze attraction that operates annually during the month of October. The maze is reputed to make you experience your greatest fears, such as being buried alive or completely lost. Actors hide in the maze and surprise you when you least expect it, and creepy guys follow you around and stare at you through the corn.


Frightworks ( is a group of people who put together haunted attractions every year in Knoxville. Haunted houses are assembled with great detail and each has a story behind it. The stories change every year, so you never know what to expect when you visit a Frightworks attraction. Dream Reavers, the current story, consists of a haunted sleep research facility where the nemesis is the Sandman and you get to meet him.

Old Gray Cemetery

For a free haunted attraction in Knoxville, check out Old Gray Cemetery (, which is on the National Register of Historic Places and dates back to the 1850s. The first person to be buried at the cemetery is William Martin, who died from a wound he received from a canon explosion during a July 4th celebration in Knoxville. He was buried on July 15, 1851. Although the cemetery contains very old graves, it is best known for being haunted by the "black aggie." Legend has it that this shadowy creature roams the cemetery at night winding its way through the maze of tombstones.

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