How to Knit Kitty Wontons

by Kaite Mitchell
Kitty wants a present -- a catnip wonton, fresh from your needles.

Kitty wants a present -- a catnip wonton, fresh from your needles.

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On your next knitting project, instead of creating something for family and friends, knit for your furry family member -- your cat. Surely your cat deserves a handmade treat from you filled with fresh catnip for all the hard work he does sleeping on your furniture and shedding on your things. A catnip stuffed wonton is the perfect speed-knit project for any pet parent making a quick gift that will keep kitty occupied, for a while at least.

Items you will need

  • Worsted weight yarn, 20 yards
  • US size 5 (3.75 mm) knitting needles
  • Stuffing
  • Catnip
  • Scissors
  • Embroidery needle
Step 1

Cast on 30 stitches using your preferred bind on method, such as knitting on your cast on row. Make a slip knot near the end of your yarn and place it on your left-hand needle. Knit into the stitch and put the newly made stitch on your left-hand needle. Continue on -- knitting into the last stitch made and placing the new stitch on the left needle -- until you have 30 stitches.

Step 2

Knit in stockinette -- alternating knit and purl rows -- until the piece is square. Bind off by knitting the first two stitches off your left-hand needle and then passing the first stitch over the second and off the right needle completely. Knit the third stitch and pass the second over and off the right-hand needle. Continue until you have only one stitch left. Cut the yarn 6 inches from your knitting. Slide your last stitch off the needle, pass the tail of yarn through and pull to knot it.

Step 3

Fold the square in half so it forms a triangle and seam one side closed. Use whatever seaming method you prefer, but if it leaves a seam that shows, turn your wonton inside out before stuffing.

Step 4

Stuff your wonton with the catnip and other stuffing materials before carefully sewing up the open side.

Step 5

Fold your triangle into a wonton shape by bringing the two points that not connected by a seam together. Thread your embroidery needle with some extra yarn and sew the corners together at the point. Run the end of your yarn through the stitches of your wonton and then through the center of the wonton itself, if you have the extra length of yarn, and trim as close to the wonton as possible. Draw the tail back inside the center of the wonton by stretching it slightly, making sure there is no excess yarn hanging off that kitty can chew off and swallow.

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