Knight Helmet Craft

by Ruth O'Neil

Medieval times are a popular theme. Kids enjoy watching movies set in that period, and summer camps often use medieval games to entertain children. Even adults enjoy dressing as noble knights and elegant ladies for a medieval party. If you need to make a knight's helmet for whatever reason, you can do it by assembling a few common tools and materials.


If you look through pictures of knights of old, you'll see that there are many different styles of helmets. Some have a more rounded shape, while others look more box-like. It's a good idea to choose your style first and then select the materials youill use to make your helmet.

Base Materials

Find an object that can serve as the basic form or shape of your helmet. If you prefer the more rounded style , begin with an old hollow rubber or plastic ball and cut it in two so that you have a section large enough to be worn on the head. A large cylindrical container can work as the beginning of a box-style helmet. Look for the largest round oatmeal box your local grocery store sells and use that as the base of your helmet. Card stock or cardboard is another option when making a helmet. You can cover these materials with foil to give the helmets a shiny look.


Depending on the size of the head that is going to wear the helmet, the box or ball may be too large. To fix this, hot-glue some foam to the inside of the helmet to make it fit snugly. Do this before doing any of the decorating so you don't inadvertently pull any off. Purchase foam, such as for cushions, at your local fabric or craft store, and cut it to size. Use rubber bands, slipped and knotted through holes at the side of the helmet, to hold it on the head. Decide what you want to do with the face part of the helmet. You can either cut out enough of the helmet so that the entire face shows, or you could offer more protection for the face by only cutting out eye holes. Many knight's helmets had a square cut out for vision purposes only. Other helmets had a moveable piece that knights could raise or lower to cover the mouth during a battle.

Supplies and Accessories

After cutting out your helmet and painting it, decide what decorations you want to add, and hot-glue them on. Decorations can include a homemade insignia, small pieces of broken chains (from necklaces, for example) and feathers. An insignia can either be painted directly onto the helmet or made using a piece of craft foam. The insignia can be a cross or any other object seen on helmets of old.