Kiteboarding In Hawaii

by Rebecca Mayglothling
Kiteboarding is very popular in Hawaii.

Kiteboarding is very popular in Hawaii.

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Kiteboarding is a water sport practiced with a board attached to a kite. The wind catches the kite, and carries the surfer through surf and waves. The sport is popular around the world; however, Hawaii is home to two kiteboarding spots frequented by thrill-seeking sports enthusiasts.

Kiteboarding in Maui

Maui is a kiteboarding mecca, according to The consistent, year-round warm weather and serene beach accessibility invite kitesurfers of all expertise levels. Beginners stay closer to the coastline, while experts travel farther into the ocean. Wise kiteboarders are honest about their level of expertise and only kiteboard as far as their experience will allow. Much of Maui is unsupervised beachfront.

Kiteboarding in Kailua

Kailua, on the island of Oahu, is another kiteboarding destination. The waters are calm and the currents are weak, which creates a terrific kiteboarding surf. Beginners enjoy this area because it is calm enough to learn the sport, while experts find good air currents farther out into the ocean.

Kiteboard Rentals

Kiteboard enthusiasts can find rentals on Maui and Oahu. While Kailua is the kiteboard capital of Oahu, other areas of the island, such as Diamond Beach, also offer kiteboard rentals. The boards, harnesses, kites and other necessary equipment are provided at differing prices and terms. Most rental stores require a deposit and set a time limit on rentals.

Kiteboard Lessons

Companies along the coastlines offer kiteboard lessons for those interested in trying the sport. The details vary by company, but most companies will take beginners through experts for kiteboarding lessons and tours of surf areas. The instructor will speak with the kiteboarder to determine the level of expertise, then the instructor and student will get into the water together. Lessons vary from minimal to extensive, depending on the program purchased and needs of the student.

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