What Kind of Treat Bags Do You Give Out at a One-Year-Old's Birthday Party?

by Lauralee Moss

A first birthday party is a time of great celebration, so many parents have a large gathering. For those who share in the special day, send them off with an appropriate treat bag. Fill the bags with food, toys and other fun items, considering that smaller toys can pose chocking hazards to young guests. Be creative, look at what your guests enjoy, and consider your budget. Then start packing goody bags.

Craft Bags

Compile a treat bag of craft materials. Include coloring books that match the party's theme along with a set of large crayons. Print activity sheets from children's websites; send a few home or compile many into a homemade activity book. Add some stickers, a finger painting set and modeling clay. Find bags in a variety of sizes that will suit different ages. Choose bags that are reusable and a blank canvas so guest may later decorate them.

Themed Bags

Relate bags to the theme. If you hold a cupcake party for your 1-year-old, send home a cupcake in a to-go box. For a jungle-themed shindig, give water-blowing animal pool or bath toys. Hand out cars or tractors at a vehicle party, and small teddy bears at a birthday bear party. Pack a bag of balls for a sports party. Find a small book that ties into the theme. Give guests leaving from a beach party sunglasses, sun hats and sand shovels in a colorful bucket.

Food Bags

Send home age-appropriate foods. Jenna Hansen suggests O-shaped cereals, cheese-flavored crackers and puffed cereals for young guests. Fill reusable containers for a favor that is practical. Give containers of organic baby food, renamed on a new tag to match your party, such as "Zach's Banana Birthday Bash Treat." Throw in a few pieces of candy or fruit for older friends and parents. Set up a table of sweets (cookies, fudge and animal crackers) with tongs and gift bags; let guests build their own treat bags.

Mismatched Fun Bags

Great treat bags need to be fun for the recipients. For very young guests, give a new rattle, refrigerator magnets or small set of building blocks. Include movie passes, ice cream cone cards or passes to a local park or zoo. For guests who are a bit older than the 1-year-old, give baseball cards that they will appreciate in a few years, and a small baseball to enjoy now. Small photo frames or albums will be lasting gifts. Make a CD of children's music to complete the bags.

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