What Kind of Party Theme Should We Have for Our 20th Wedding Anniversary?

by Brenda Priddy

The 20th wedding anniversary is a milestone that should be celebrated. There are many ways to celebrate a 20th-year anniversary on a small or large scale. When planning the party, you can invite friends, family and children to help so that you don't have to plan every aspect of your own party. You can also use a variety of theme ideas for throwing a 20th anniversary party for yourself or for someone else.

Memory Party

A memory party is a way for friends and family to celebrate the fondest memories of your family during your 20 years of marriage. The party planner can ask friends and family to collect any photos or videos of you, your spouse or children throughout the years. Before the party, compile the photos and videos into a viewable form. You can share the memories together by playing a video of the important events in the last 20 years and reminiscing over old photos.

China Theme

The traditional wedding gift for the 20th wedding anniversary is China. You can use this as a theme idea for a 20th anniversary party. Serve Chinese food, decorate the party area with Chinese decorations such as paper lanterns, dragons and lots of red and give fortune cookies as party favors. Don't forget to serve plenty of Chinese tea! Guests can even play traditional Chinese games, such as chess or Mah jong.

Reception Dinner Party

Another, more-formal way to celebrate a 20th anniversary is with an anniversary-themed dinner party. Personalize the dinner by serving the same food served at the couple's wedding reception 20 years ago. You could also serve all of the couple's favorite foods, or some foods that were popular the year they got married. For a dinner party, it is best to keep the guest list small so that you can easily prepare the necessary dishes and decorations to make the evening a success. If you don't want to cook or are serving a large number of people, you can always hire a caterer for the event.

Back in Time

Plan a back-in-time party as a less formal and entertaining party. Children and young adults will enjoy this theme as much as adults will, as they learn about how you lived before they were born. You can make a collection of the most popular objects from the year the couple got married and tell guests to arrive in clothing popular in the year of their marriage. Make sure to have a selection of music from that time, favorite foods eaten and a collection of popular objects from the time so that guests can relive the days of 20 years ago at the anniversary party.