What Kind of Paintings or Stencils to Paint on a Billiard Room Wall

by Erin Schreiner Google

A billiard room provides the perfect place for players to gather and show their skills. To make your space as aesthetically pleasing as it is fun, add some uncommon decorations to your walls. If you possess painting skills, create some scenes or borders to beautify your walls. If you lack these skills, take advantage of stencils as a way to add excitement to the space.

Pool Balls

Because the pool table sits center stage in your billiard room, pool balls make the perfect wall addition. Use your artistic skills, along with a compass, to create a border of billiard balls around your room or make your billiard balls sporadic, placing collections of these balls around your space at random. To create the feeling of movement in your room design, add dashed lines that indicate the billiard balls' paths.


Create an ode to the cue by painting these pool tools on your wall. Use a straight edge to create tapered cues, or place a real cue against the wall and trace it lightly in pencil. Create a scene featuring cues on one wall, or place them at the top of your walls, overlapping and bordering the entire room. Mimic the design of the cues you have in your collection, or paint each one slightly differently, reflecting the array of cues that fill the marketplace.

Pool Players

Produce an attention-getting accent wall by creating a shadow box style profile of an individual crouched over and ready to make his winning pool shot. Paint your wall white and use black to create this profile, painting a table, a player and his pool cue. Use your artistic skills to sketch this scene freehand or set up a bright light and have a friend recreate the pose, then trace around him as he holds still.

Geometric Prints

As any good pool player knows, sinking shots is all about geometry. Reflect this fact in your billiard room decoration by stenciling geometric shapes around your space. Create an entire geometric wall, borrowing hues from the balls that rest on the table and using the green that makes up the table surface as your dominant hue. For a less obtrusive option, create a geometric border all around the room using these same tones.

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