What Kind of Decorations Can I Make for a Princess Party?

by Petra Turnbull
Decorations for princess parties can be made easily.

Decorations for princess parties can be made easily.

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Most parents with daughters of a preteen age at some point will be asked to throw a princess party for their offspring. Luckily, princess parties are easy to arrange and can be done at hired location or even at home, depending upon the amount of expected guests. There are many kinds of decorations that can be made with a little effort for an important princess.


For wall decorations, print out some coloring sheets of princesses from the Disney website and ask your own princess and her friends to color them in prior to the party. Hang up the sheets on the wall. Every nobility should have her own coat of arms and you can make a simple crest with pink, purple and white paper, cardboard and golden colored stickers. Draw a shield on a piece of cardboard and cut it out. Glue pieces of colored paper on the shield until it is covered completely and stick on some crown stickers. Hang on the wall in the party area or at the door to welcome guests.

Table Decorations

Use real or fake flowers in pastel colors and place them on the table in glass vases with ribbons tied tied around the vases' neck. Buy two to three artificial flower garlands, cut open the string and pull of the flower heads. Distribute the flower heads all over the table. Buy some stickers in the shape of crowns and make place cards by cutting white cardstock into size. Place a crown sticker on one side of each card and write Princess or Prince next to it, followed by the name of a guest. Make cupcakes with pastel colored icing and sugar beads or sugar flower decorations.


Go to a textile shop and ask for cheap cut offs from net curtains, chiffon or other light, floating materials in bright colors. Also take small pieces or scrap which might come free as you can use it as ribbons or in other decorations. Thrift shops or yard sales might offer cheap scarves. Drape the scarves and cut offs on picture frames, mirrors or hang larger pieces over doors.


Get some small tokens, including rings, bracelets, princess or ballerina figures or diamond-shaped plastic stones and place them inside balloons before you blow them up. Before the girls leave, they can pop the balloons and take the items home as favors. Make balloon clouds by fastening strings of clear nylon or fishing line on the ceiling. Blow up balloons of various sizes, tie them together into pairs and twist their ends together around the string. balloon. Cover the entire ceiling or only parts of it.

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