Kids Songs About Flying

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Flying songs teach kids the adventure of flying.

Flying songs teach kids the adventure of flying.

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Songs about flying help children understand airplane flights and prepares them for their first flying experience. Flying songs also teach kids where people can fly to, whether its flying across the country or out to the planets. Kids flying songs teach concepts such as the length of time it takes to travel in a plane as opposed to a car, what things look like from an airplane, and the names of the planets in the solar system.

The Barney Airplane Song

"The Barney Airplane Song," featured on the PBS program, "Barney and Friends," gets kids singing about riding in an airplane. The words explain what things look like on the outside of the plane and on the ground from above. It also explains the pilot's job and how a child can travel without having to worry about snow, rain, or other types of weather.

Down at the Airport

"Down at the Airport" is sung to the tune of "Down at the Station." The song describes being down at the airport at dawn and the actions and steps taken before the planes take off. Kids imagine the little airplanes all in a row and then the pilot pulling on the joystick to make the planes take off. The lyrics end with "swoosh, swoosh, zoom, zoom" instead of the traditional "buzz, buzz, toot, toot--off they go!"

Flying From the Sun to the Stars

"Flying from the Sun to the Stars" is a British Council tune that teaches about flying to the different planets and the planets' relationship to the earth. This flying song takes kids from one planet to the other and explains the characteristics of each planet.

In My Plane

"In My Plane" has kids singing about what a pilot can do in their own plane, while teaching them how to write the numbers one to ten. The plane loops and dives and creates numbers out of the smoke coming from the tail of the plane. This song illustrates the different types of flying patterns a plane can perform.

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