What to Do When Your Kid's Pool Party Gets Rained On?

by Krystal Miller

When planning your kid's pool party, always prepare plenty of indoor activities in case Mother Nature decides to bring rain. Do not let the rain ruin the excitement of the party. Instead, take the children inside for a variety of pool-related activities like crafts and games. Children can take home crafts they make or prizes they win from playing games as mementos of the party.


As guests arrive, have an adult or older teen paint their faces. Use nontoxic face paint to draw beach balls, the sun, a beach and pool toys on the cheeks of each child. Other activities include hiring a balloon artist to make balloons or renting a karaoke machine for the children to sing beach songs, such as Splish Splash and Heat Wave. Another idea is to give the children beach or pool-themed coloring books, markers and crayons for them to color as guests arrive.


Children can make a variety of crafts indoor while waiting on the rain to pass. Some crafts include flip-flops, sunglasses and water bracelets. They can decorate a basic pair of flip-flops or sunglasses with rhinestones, ribbons and puff paint. For water bracelets, you need clear plastic tubing that is 1/4 inch in inner diameter and 3/8-inch inner tubing. Cut the tubing large enough for the children to be able to slip it over their wrists. Use the 3/8-tubing as fastener and hold your finger on one end while the children add glitter, beads and some water. Be sure air is still in the bracelet so the glitter and beads will still move. Attach the tube ends together to create a water bracelet.


Play a game of musical beach towels instead of musical chairs. Award the winner with an inflatable pool float or beach towel. Or make an indoor relay race using pool rings. Divide the players into two teams and give each team an inflatable animal pool ring. The first player in each team line must put on the animal ring, run to a line and run back to hand it to the next player in line. Each player must do the same thing and the first team to finish the race wins the game.

Other Ideas

Other ideas include an indoor sandcastle-building contest and sand art. Give each player a small box of sand and cup of water. Have them create a sandcastle in the box. Award prizes for the best, most creative and most detailed sandcastles. For sand art, place several bottles of different-colored sand on a table. Give each child a small glass jar and a funnel. He will add layers of colored sand to the bottle. For added decoration, give the children markers and stickers to decorate their sand bottles.

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