Kids Outdoor Party Games With a Fish Theme

by Zach Lazzari

Outdoor party games provide entertainment for kids. Fish theme parties encourage an aquatic presence and games should follow the theme. Games at fish theme are fun and engage the kids throughout the duration of the party. Parties lacking games and active forms of entertainment create idle hands and mischief in children.

Target Practice

Target Practice is a fishing-specific game. Place several hoops at different distances in your yard and place a piece of tape on the ground to designate the casting line. Cut the hooks off a lure and tie it to a fishing rod's line. Have the kids make one cast at each target, with points accumulated based on accuracy. Hand out prizes for the most accurate casters. Award a larger number of points for the smallest and most distant targets. Award a smaller number of points for the close and large targets. Allow the kids to choose their targets with a set number of casts.

Pin the Tail on the Fish

Pin the Tail on the Fish is a substitute for the traditional Pin the Tail on the Donkey game. Use a large stuffed fish and pins shaped like fish tails. Blindfold the children and spin them in several circles to disorient their sense of direction. Have the children attempt to pin the tail on the fish and hand out prizes for each attempt. Monitor the children to ensure they do not accidentally stick a person with the pins.


Build or purchase a pinata in the shape of a fish. Fill the pinata with candy and hang it from a tree limb. Blindfold the kids and allow them to attempt to hit the fish with a bat or hard stick. Rotate through the children until the pinata is broken and the candy spills on the ground. Monitor the children throughout the process to ensure they do not hit another kid or adult with the stick.

Water Sports

Supplement the fish theme with water sports at the party. Water balloon fights, portable swimming pools and wet plastic for sliding are all fun at outdoor parties. Add floating duckies and plastic fish to the decorations and provide water guns and other outdoors-appropriate toys. Wait until the cake has been served if possible and allow the kids to wash the frosting from their faces and play at the same time.

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