Kids' Game Prizes

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Unusual game prizes can be hard to find.

Unusual game prizes can be hard to find.

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Between the seemingly endless carnivals and countless birthday parties a child attends, it isn't long before he has a collection of plastic frogs and stuffed animals piling up in an untouched heap. Game prizes don't have to be junk. With a little extra thought and creativity, game prizes can be unusual, educational and something that a child will use and even treasure.

Preschool Game Prizes

Children ages three through five have no inhibitions and love being creative. Arts and crafts-themed prizes are sure to be a big hit, and parents will appreciate having an activity for their kids to engage in rather than another trinket or toy that will likely be tossed aside. Small boxes of crayons, coloring books, sidewalk chalk and stickers make good prizes for little ones. Board books, finger puppets and lacing cards are also inexpensive prizes that encourage further development of fine motor skills in preschool-aged children.

Prizes for Early Elementary School Boys

As boys and girls enter their elementary school years, their interests often differ, and it may be necessary to provide more gender specific prizes. Young boys often show an interest in organized sports, and a small football or baseball would be a fitting prize for the sports enthusiast. Travel puzzles, toy cars and small dinosaur figurines can also be a hit. Joke books and comic books also make beneficial prizes for boys since they encourage early reading.

Prizes for Early Elementary School Girls

Small bottles of nail polish, hair accessories and flavored lip glosses are sure to be appreciated by young girls as they become infatuated with all things girly. Small diaries, feather pens, floral fans and stamps are likely to be a hit among the little princesses as well. To provide a more educational prize, consider making your own pressed flower bookmarks or giving small books about popular individuals -- such as fairy tale princesses or characters from television shows -- to encourage reading.

Prizes for Tweens

Instead of trinkets and small collectibles for kids in the later elementary school and junior high years, consider awarding gift cards and coupons to popular local businesses. Coffee shops and ice cream stands give gift cards for amounts even as small as just a few dollars. For larger prizes, give a movie ticket or a free popcorn coupon for a local movie theater. Discount coupons to cafes or bookstores in the area are also likely to be appreciated among older children. Encourage musical interests by purchasing a song credit or small monetary gift card from iTunes to give as a prize.

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