Kids' Friday the 13 Party Themes

by Toby Welch
Annually, a maximum of three Fridays fall on the thirteenth of the month.

Annually, a maximum of three Fridays fall on the thirteenth of the month.

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The superstition of Friday the 13th has been around since the 18th century. For over two centuries millions of people have feared days that fall on both Friday and the 13th of the month. But Friday the 13th has different connotations than just fear of a particular day. Throwing a children's part with a Friday the 13th theme could be great fun!


Throwing a children's birthday party with the theme of friggatriskaidekaphobia could be a hoot! The word refers to the irrational fear of Friday the 13th. According to an article in "National Geographic News," it is estimated that between 17 and 21 million people suffer from a fear of Friday the 13th to the extent that is disturbs their daily life. Your children's party could incorporate aspects of the phobia from the invitations to the decorations and the party games. One aspect of the party could involve teaching the kids how to say friggatriskaidekaphobia!


In keeping with the theory that many people find Friday the 13th to be an unlucky day, a party about superstitions would be appropriate. Each child attending could pick a superstition and dress to coordinate with their designated superstition. Popular superstitions that involve good luck include a four-leaf-clover and knocking on wood. Superstitions that denote bad luck include an upside down horseshoe, breaking a mirror, stepping on a sidewalk crack and walking under a ladder. Additional superstitions are if you see a black cat, turn and walk the other way and toss salt over your left shoulder if you spill any.

Maroon 5

Throwing a kids' bash with a Maroon 5 theme would be fitting. They released a DVD and CD titled "Live -- Friday the 13th" as it was filmed on Friday, May 13, 2005 in 5 in Santa Barbara, California, at the Santa Barbara Bowl. The DVD and CD were released on September 20, 2005, and you could play them during the party. The DVD is a live concert of the band's performance as they sing 14 songs. The DVD also includes exclusive interviews with the band and discussions by the band as to how some of the songs were created.

Norse Party

For a kids' Friday the 13th party, you could host a Norse themed party to celebrate the origins of the Friday the 13th phobia. Many people believe the fear started in the Norse culture. The myth tells of a hero named Balder and eleven other Gods who were feasting at a banquet. Another god, Loki, crashed the party, bringing the party attendance to 13. Loki arranged for Balder to be murdered, throwing the world into darkness and mourning. Some historians believe this legend led to the fear of Friday the 13th. Recreate a Norse banquet with Scandinavian foods and encourage kids to dress up as vikings.


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