Kids' Dress-Up Party Ideas

by Krystal Miller
Young girls typically enjoy playing dress-up.

Young girls typically enjoy playing dress-up.

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If you have a daughter who is a fan of dressing up, allow her to host her very own dress-up party for all her friends. Girls can attend a dress-up party to show off their "fancy attire." From the invitations to the games, prepare a dress-up party for your child she will remember for months to come. Give the guests party favors and game prizes, such as costume jewelry, hats and star-shaped sunglasses, to take home as mementos of the party.


Children can help you make their own party invitations for the guests. Have them cut out fancy hat shapes and attach a strand of beads to each invitation. Mail the invitations in padded envelopes to the guests. Alternatively, mail the invitations with star-shaped sunglasses instead of beads. For another invitation idea, cut hand mirror shapes out of card stock, and have the children tape a piece of aluminum foil to each one to resemble a mirror. Write the party details on each mirror and mail.

Arrival Activities

You can ask the guests to come in costume or you can provide dress-up gear for them to wear. If you provide the clothes and accessories, give each child an outfit as she arrives to the party. Some options include fancy dresses, shimmering shirts, dress pants, costume jewelry, glitter headbands, feather boas and beads. Ask a few adults or older teens to give each girl a small makeover by spraying her hair with glitter, applying small makeup to her face and painting her fingernails.


Host a few contests to see which girl can make the best dress-up accessories. Give the girls jewelry-making supplies, and see who can create the prettiest and most original necklace. Give the girls solid-colored hand mirrors, and let them decorate the mirrors using stickers, paint pens, glitter and markers. Let the girls vote to decide the winners, and award prizes to the best and most creative mirrors. Other contests include decorating tiaras, princess wands and fancy hats.


Prepare a dress-up relay race for the girls to play by marking a starting line and run-to line 20 feet apart. Divide the girls into two teams and give the first girl in each team line a fancy dress and high heels. Each player on each team must put on the dress and heels, race to the run-to line and back to hand the outfit to the next player. The first team who finishes wins the game. For other game ideas, turn a classic game of "Pin the Tail on the Donkey" into a game of "Pin the Wand in the Princess' Hand" or "Hot Tiara" instead of "Hot Potato."

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