Kids' Crafts for a Football Party

by Scott Levin
Gluing together a collage is one craft for kids to enjoy at a football party.

Gluing together a collage is one craft for kids to enjoy at a football party.

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When adults get together for a football party, kids sometimes get lost in the shuffle. The adults may find the game exciting and interesting, but kids might view it as a boring three hours. Getting the kids involved in some football-related crafts keeps them happy and entertained.

Paper Football

A paper football is an easy craft to make and also provides kids with a game opportunity. Fold a piece of white paper the long way and cut the paper along the crease. Fold the top right corner of the paper across into a triangle. Keep folding over the football into triangles until no more can be made, and tuck the extra paper into the fold on top of the football. Let kids decorate the football however they desire. After the football is completed, teach kids how to play paper football. Each kid lines up on one side of the table. The kids alternate gliding the football back and forth across the table. A touchdown is scored when the paper football hangs over the edge of the table.

Football Collage

A football collage is an artistic, colorful craft that will keep kids involved. Give the kids a stack of old sports magazines. Have them cut out football pictures that they like. Provide a piece of poster paper to each child and have them glue on the football pictures. When finished, let the kids hang the collages around the room, providing decoration for the party.

Football Posters

A simple craft for a football party gives kids freedom to draw or color. Provide each child with a white piece of construction paper and a variety of colored pencils, markers and stickers. Tell the kids to design a football poster. The poster can include professional teams, logos and players or just be drawings of the kids playing football with their friends. Hang the posters as they are completed.

Football Lacing

A laced football gives kids an easy-to-make craft that they can take home after the party. Using brown construction paper, cut out two identical football shapes per child. With the footballs on top of each other, punch holes around the borders about 1 inch apart. Give each kid a long piece of string or ribbon and have them feed the ribbon in and out of the holes around the football. Tie the string in a knot at the end. Let the kids decorate the football with football stickers or markers. The finished product is a personalized football that each kid can display in his room.

Toilet Paper Roll Player

Each kid can craft his own football player using old toilet paper rolls. Wrap each roll in white paper. Have the kids color a football jersey and pants onto the roll. Cut out additional paper for the head, helmet, arms and cleats, and glue them onto the roll. With the cleats glued on flat, each player will stand up. Let kids create as many players as they want; some may field an entire team.

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