Kids Craft for Making Various Faces

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Papier mache is an example of a material your child can use to make a face.

Papier mache is an example of a material your child can use to make a face.

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Faces represent home and family to children, and the faces of important people in a child's life often show up in her artwork. Doing face crafts with your child allows you to participate in enjoyable activities together, helps her to understand the role that the people in her world play in her life and teaches her to work with her hands.

Papier Mache

Papier mache isn't just for making pinatas, but rather a variety of kid crafts, including face/ mask crafts. Papier mache combined with items such as balloons or plastic milk cartons give your child solid material from which to make a face craft. Papier mache allows your child to make faces as varied as a lion or a person. Additionally, the craft is simple and inexpensive enough to use, making it possible for your child to create a whole cast of characters. He can employ papier mache to make the faces of his favorite cartoon characters such as those from the "Lion King" or "Spider-Man."

Clay Faces

Children love to play with clay, because it allows them to work with their hands to create some amazing creatures. Kids are naturally curious about faces, and clay gives them a platform on which to make faces of all sorts. Make clay from flour and water for your child. Give her decorative items such as buttons, craft sticks, craft eyes and yarn. Encourage her to manipulate the clay until it's flat and round. Have her stick on buttons for the eyes, yarn for the hair and use a craft stick for the mouth.

Drawing Portraits

Kids often draw their family members as a way to process the important events of their lives. The faces of family and friends as well as a child's own face often end up in the pictures. The act of drawing helps your child make sense of his world. Encourage your child to draw pictures of family and friends and to tell you what the drawings mean once he's finished. This activity teaches him many skills, such as fine-motor function and verbal communication, in addition to helping him order his world.

Bag Faces

Paper bags play an important role in child-craft making, including in the making of craft faces. They're inexpensive and easy for a child to work with. To make paper-bag faces, your child needs craft items such as markers, buttons, cupcake cups, sequins, construction paper, scissors and craft glue. Have her make eyes from items such as buttons or cupcake holders. She can make hair by cutting out construction paper and pasting it on the paper bag. Sequins make shiny hair barrettes. She can draw the mouth with markers.

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