Kid's Cat Themed Party

by Tracey Bleakley
A cat-themed kid's birthday party can be lots of fun.

A cat-themed kid's birthday party can be lots of fun.

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Animal-themed parties are always a hit with kids. Cats are a fun animal party idea that is appropriate for boys and girls. So if your little one loves cats, consider a cat-theme for his next birthday party. Plan some kitty-inspired decorations, food and activities and you'll have a party that your child won't soon forget.


Make your own invitations by cutting colored card stock into the shape of a cat face. Add a headline, like "Help us make (you child's name) birthday purr-fect by joining us at her Birthday Paw-ty!" to announce your party. Include your name, the date, place, time and a phone number or email for RSVPs. Finish the invitations by adding a few cat or paw print stickers and any special instructions, like inviting the guests to bring their favorite kitten stuffed animal.


Choose one or two colors for decorating and hang paper streamers and balloons in those colors. Then add a few cat-inspired touches to finish off your decorations. Make cat balloons by cutting cat eyes, noses, ears and whiskers out of crepe paper and glue them to inflated balloons with glue dots. Use a 6-inch piece of yarn for the mouth and attach it with glue dots also. Place stuffed kitten and cat toys around the room on tables and countertops. Pictures from a cat calendar make easy wall decorations.


Purchase some decorative cat food bowls and fill them with goldfish crackers. Make sandwiches and cut them into paw print and cat shapes with cookie cutters. Instead of a cake, make kitten cupcakes. Just prepare your favorite cake mix and ice the cupcakes with chocolate icing. Use candy, such as licorice straw and jellybeans, to make cat faces on the cupcakes and you'll have a treat that's perfect for your cat-themed party.

Games and Activities

There are lots of ideas for cat-themed games and activities. Have an adult paint cat faces on the kids as they arrive and set up a place where they make cat ears to wear at the party. Make the ears by cutting ear shapes out of paper and stapling or taping them to a strip of paper. Measure the paper to fit around the child's head and staple it to make a headband. Provide stickers to decorate the headbands with if you want. For games hide small plastic mice around the room and send your guests on a mouse hunt. Play a game of Pin the Tail on the Cat or play Duck, Duck, Goose, but call it Cat, Cat, Dog instead.

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