What to Do for a Kids Birthday Party in South Jersey?

by Brianna Collins
The age of your child should greatly influence your birthday plans.

The age of your child should greatly influence your birthday plans.

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Birthdays are a big deal to most kids. For South Jersey parents looking to make the day extra special, there are a limitless number of options in the area, from amusement parks to arcades to zoos. Parents should keep a number of factors in mind when deciding how to celebrate a child's birthday.


Your child's age has a lot to do with what you ultimately decide to do to celebrate a birthday. For younger children, incorporating party games and costumed characters at home is a sensible and fun way to go. Consider the services offered by South Jersey companies like Kid Parties to Go (kidpartiestogo.com). This company offers everything from a character host to bounce houses for energetic children, all in the safety of your own home. For older kids, something a little more exciting, with a little more freedom, is appropriate, like a trip to one of South Jersey's many amusement complexes. The Funplex (funplexmountlaurel.com) offers bumper cars, arcade games, laser tag and more inside a central facility, allowing kids freedom and variety.


Depending upon what your child likes to do, there are also a number of special-interest birthday choices in South Jersey. For kids who are especially into a certain sport, like roller hockey or golfing, a trip to one of the roller skating parks or mini golf centers in South Jersey is a good choice. Holiday Skating and Fun Center (holidayskatingcenter.com) is one skating facility in Delanco that offers packages with a private party room and food. South Jersey also has a number of mini-golf facilities, including pirate-themed courses at Pirate Island Golf (pirateislandgolf.com). Other birthday ideas based on special interests include taking a budding young actor to catch a show at a local theatre, or planning an outing to the Cape May County Park and Zoo (capemaycountygov.net) for the animal lover.


Another thing to consider when deciding what to do for a birthday is friends. If your child is a social butterfly, then choosing a celebration that includes friends is the way to go. Again, a house party with a clown is nice for younger kids. However, as kids get older, they want more freedom. One way to incorporate friends is to throw a snazzy sweet 16 party, complete with dancing and a DJ. Many DJs and party companies in South Jersey specialize in sweet 16 or other birthday celebrations, including the aptly-named South Jersey NJ Sweet 16 DJ. (southjerseymobiledj.com)


Another very important thing to consider when planning your child's birthday celebration is your budget. Yes, it might be nice to rent out a hotel ballroom and hire a DJ for a sweet 16 party, but that may not be realistic. Some less pricey ways to spend the day include planning a party at an inexpensive venue like a movie theater or arcade. Even simply throwing a surprise party at home, complete with age-appropriate movies, food, and activities, will promise a memorable birthday for your child.

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