Kids Birthday Party Events in Rhode Island

by Brianna Collins
Many Rhode Island businesses can help you plan a special birthday event for your kid.

Many Rhode Island businesses can help you plan a special birthday event for your kid.

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Birthdays are the perfect time to celebrate your child and his particular interests. In Rhode Island, parents have many options in choosing how to celebrate. Because of its size, virtually all of Rhode Island's birthday offerings are within driving distance. For those looking to commemorate the day with a special event, Rhode Island has a number of options, including ways to celebrate that are age specific, involve indoor or outdoor fun or can turn your home into a first-rate party place.

Little Ones

Rhode Island also has some birthday offerings meant specifically for young kids. This includes Wishkers (, a birthday service that will deliver materials to any party or location within 50 miles of its Cumberland headquarters so that your birthday boy or girl can make stuffed animals with his or her friends. Another safe idea for young kids is a birthday bash at The Little Gym ( in Cranston. Named by Parent Magazine as the No. 1 birthday chain for children's birthday parties, The Little Gym offers a birthday bash for any group of kids ages ages 1 to 12, with 3 to 6 being the prime ages. Kids get a chance to play on gymnastics equipment, eat cake and participate in party games. The Little Gym handles all the clean-up, making it especially convenient for parents.


For kids with a lot of energy or who love the outdoors, an outdoor birthday event is the way to go. Kids who like swimming and thrills would probably enjoy Water Wizz ( in Westerly. The park offers giant water slides and speed slides for kids who enjoy excitement. Another good outdoor entertainment option is Mulligan's Island Golf and Entertainment Complex ( Party packages focus on either miniature golf or Wiffle ball and include pizza, soda and ice cream.


Rhode Island features a number of indoor fun parks and arcades, including the historic Spring Lake Arcade ( in Glendale, billed as the world's oldest penny arcade. Here, video game buffs can play both new and antique arcade games and win prizes. Other indoor options include visiting a Rhode Island museum, like the Museum of Art at the Rhode Island School of Design, ( or catching a movie at an IMAX theater at Providence Place Cinemas 16 (

At Home

Even just throwing a birthday party at home could become a full-fledged event in Rhode Island. For kids who have a thriving social life, throwing a birthday bash at home or in your yard, complete with a DJ, dancing, and food, might be a good choice. Time to Party ( is one Rhode Island DJ company that offers specially themed music and even custom music playlists so your child is sure to like the tunes. For parents who want to throw a big party at home but aren't excited at the prospect of planning it, Rhode Island also offers a number of event-planning companies. Exquisite Events of Newport ( is one upscale choice with more than 25 years of experience. And for parents who can't afford to go all out, even just ordering food from your child's favorite restaurant or getting a specially designed cake could add that special touch to your child's birthday event. Many restaurants in Rhode Island offer take-out food or catering services, and Sin Desserts ( even offers uniquely flavored cakes that might be particularly memorable for your kid, including coffee or peanut butter cakes. Dessert from this Providence company shouldn't be too costly for smaller budgets.

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