Kids' Birthday Party Entertainment in Columbus, Ohio

by Faith Chandler, Demand Media

    Few kid's birthday parties are as memorable as the ones that occur at fun venues with lots of friends, games and food. In Columbus, Ohio several entertainment venues offer birthday party packages for children. It's possible to find a party place suitable for any kid's interest, from animals to video games.

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    Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

    The Columbus Zoo ( in Powell, is just on the outskirts of the city. The zoo offers birthday packages including, rental of the Grand Carousel after hours for a party. The rental, at time of publication, costs $1000. However, party hosts can purchase the more affordable Safari Birthday at $300 for up to 25 people. The zoo requires notification of at least six weeks for the Grand Carousel and three weeks for the Safari party.


    The Center of Science and Industry ( offers several birthday party packages for hosts. The packages are designed for two different age groups, ages three to five and six to eleven, and range from $325 to $575 at the time of publication. Each package is geared toward a different theme such as dinosaurs, space, puzzles and creativity. Advance reservation is required for parties and the day you want for the party may already be booked.

    Clippers at Huntington Park

    Watch a Columbus Clippers baseball game at Huntington Park ( during that next birthday party. At the time of publication, the Clippers birthday party includes tickets to the game, cheese pizza, subs, popcorn, Capri sun pouches and water, plus your choice of cake, cupcakes or cookie. Two weeks notice and a $50 deposit for the party are required. The cost ranges from $15 to $22 per person, depending on seating and whether the guest is a senior, child or adult.

    Dave and Buster's

    Visit Dave and Buster's ( on Polaris Pkwy for birthday party fun. Choose from one of their kids and teen birthday party packages, or the party and play combo for the celebration. Birthday packages require a minimum of 10 people, or 20 people for the Celebrations Buffet party. The party and play combos all require a minimum of 20 people. Dave and Buster's also offers free party planning services with professional party planners at locations around the country.

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