Kid's Birthday Party Activities With Duct Tape

by B. Sinclair
Use colored duct tape to make crafts at your child's next birthday party.

Use colored duct tape to make crafts at your child's next birthday party.

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As tempted as you might be to slap some duct tape over the guests' mouths at your kid's birthday party, Child Protective Services will surely frown on that party activity. However, duct tape can come in handy for entertaining the kids at your child's next birthday bash.

Duct Tape Crown

In lieu of the traditional cheap plastic crown at your daughter's princess party, have each guest create her own customized crown with duct tape and flexible straws. Measure the circumference of each child's head and add 2 inches. Cut a piece of duct tape to each length. Have each child lay the tape down on a flat surface with the sticky side facing up. Then, have them stick any number of flexible straws on the tape with the bottom of each straw flush with the bottom of the tape, leaving 4 inches of tape clear on either end. Cut a second piece of tape to match the first one and place it sticky side down on top of the first piece so the straws are securely taped in place. Cut another piece of duct tape in a second color to match the first two. Fold it over the bottom edge of the first two pieces. Tape the ends of the crown together to fit the child's head. Then have each guest personalize her crown by adding garland and curled pipe cleaners onto the straws, bending each straw as desired. Use glue to top each straw with a mini pom-pom.

Duct Tape Roses

Older girls can make duct tape roses using colored duct tape, non-bendable straws and scissors. Have the guests cover a straw with green duct tape by placing the tape lengthwise on a flat surface with the sticky side up and rolling the straw up in the tape. For the flower petals, cut colored duct tape into several 2-inch strips. With the sticky side up, have the guest fold one corner down, leaving some stickiness showing on the side and bottom. Fold over the parallel corner to meet the first folded corner so that only the bottom of the strip is still sticky. Starting at one end, roll the piece of duct tape tightly across to form the center of the rose. Stick the center piece of the rose into the open end of the straw. With the additional 2-inch strips of duct tape, repeat folding one corner of the tape down so stickiness is exposed on the side and bottom and then folding over the parallel corner so only the bottom of the strip is sticky. Instead of rolling the tape from here, loosely bind each piece to the center of the rose and the straw to create petals. Continue until the rose is the desired size. For leaves, have the guests fashion green duct tape into petals just as they did for the rose petals and stick them around the base of the rose to cover up all the tape edges.

Duct Tape Wallet

Boys also can make a craft using colored tape, scissors and a ruler to make a duct tape wallet. Have each guest cut a 7-inch piece of duct tape and lay it sticky side up on a flat surface. Cut another piece of duct tape the same length and place it sticky side up slightly overlapping the first piece. Repeat this until four strips overlap. Turn the sheet of tape so the strips are vertical. Cut another 7-inch strip and lay it sticky-side down horizontally across the top of the vertical sheet of tape. Continue to overlap strips of tape face-down to cover the sheet. Trim off the edges. Fold the sheet in half to form a rectangle. Seal the edge of one of the short sides of the rectangle with a 4-inch piece of duct tape. Trim off any extra tape. Fold the wallet in half so the short sides meet. With the wallet folded, trim any excess and tape the other short side of the wallet with a 4-inch piece of tape.

Duct Tape Games

After the arts and crafts segment of your child's birthday party, get the guests up and moving with some duct tape games. Do the classic three-legged race, using duct tape to attach two guests' legs. Form two teams and place a roll of duct tape on the head of one person on each team. Then have a race to see which team can pass the "duct tape crown" to all players without using their hands or dropping the roll of tape. Have two guests at a time compete to see who can be first to build a pyramid of 15 duct tape rolls in their wrappers on their round sides and have it stand for at least 15 seconds. Set targets marked with points on a slippery floor and have guests take turns sliding wrapped duct tape rolls toward each target. After three tries each, the guest with the most points wins. Stack five rolls of duct tape on each player's head and see who can walk the farthest. Or, simply use duct tape instead of pins to play Pin the Tail on the Donkey.

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